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    The most beautiful breakfast: Strawberry/Raspberry Banana Smoothie bowl with Mango, Dragonfruit and Passionfruit topped with Red Quinoa and White Sesame Seeds, and a glass of fresh Coconut Juice. I was looking for a little detox breakfast after a long weekend of eating and eating and eating in Hua Hin and so I went with a smoothie bowl breakfast but the colours turned out so beautifully that even I was surprised. 

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    will do anything for foood

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  4. I am very happy, everything went well." - James Rodriguez, upon passing his medical at Sanitas Clinic ahead of officially joining Real Madrid | 22-07-14 

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    No one get’s lynched for exfoliating is the greatest come back I’ve ever witnessed.


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  6. (b. 22/7/2013)

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    Look at them! aahahaha

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  8. James Rodriguez arrived to Sanitas Clinic for his medical Tuesday morning, a few hours before the pending announcement from Real Madrid of his transfer to the club. Real Madrid reportedly bought the player for 80 million and his contract is for six seasons, in which he will earn 7 million a season.

    After signing his contract, he will then have his official presentation at the Bernabeu at either 19:00 or 20:00 Spain time. He will reportedly wear the #10 jersey, which has been not been used since Mesut Ozil’s departure last August. | 22-07-14

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  10. Funny Footballers - Mats Hummels (requested)

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